Membership Training

OMN volunteers receive in-depth training in ecology and natural resources, taught by recognized experts in their fields. In return, volunteers provide outreach service through physical and educational activities.  This includes outdoor service activities, such as maintaining bird boxes, monitoring man-made wetlands or helping design and construct bird viewing areas.  Another opportunity is working to interprete nature to youth and adult groups. The third area of service is helping with chapter activities and direction as an officer or committee member.

Upon completion of the basic workshops and an additional fourteen hours of advanced training workshops on Oklahoma specific subjects of interest to the volunteer, the title of Oklahoma Master Naturalist is awarded. To attain Certification, volunteers complete a minimum of an additional twenty volunteer service hours within one year of the initial basic training workshops. To maintain Certification, volunteers must complete twenty hours of volunteer service and fourteen hours of advanced training each year.

“Wildness reminds us what it means to be human, what we are connected to rather than what we are separate from.”

— Terry Tempest Williams

Basic Training Workshops

Five day-long workshops

Basic training workshops provide volunteers with the background required for a well-rounded understanding of nature and ecological principles by exposing them to major topics in ecology, wildlife, forestry and natural resource management.

Workshops focus on the native ecosystems of Oklahoma. Topics include basic ecological principles, aquatic and wetland ecosystems, urban ecosystems, forest ecosystems and prairie ecosystems.

Fees: To offset training material and other expenses, their is a fee for each workshop. The basic ecological principles workshop fee is $10. Subsequent workshops have a fee of $20.

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Advanced Training Workshops

Pre-requisites: Basic Training Workshop

Workshop consists of 14 hours of training to attain certification. You will also be required to do 14 hours of training per year to maintain your certification.

The purpose of advanced training is to provide OMNCC members with an opportunity to focus on their interests; specific topics that interest them. Advanced training on an annual basis promotes continued learning and development. Advanced training is a benefit in itself, providing the experienced Master Naturalist with tools to work in more advanced volunteer efforts.

Advanced training has included bird identification, Selman bat cave expedition, native plant uses and animal tracking. Advanced training may be made available directly through the chapter, or through any number of short courses provided by universities, state agencies or nature centers.

See our Advanced Training calendar page for current training opportunities available!

Volunteer Programs

Pre-requisites: Basic Training Workshop

20 volunteer service hours are required within 1 year to receive your OMN certification. You will also be required to do 20 hours per year to maintain your certification.

Volunteer service projects are varied and flexible but focus on natural resources within Oklahoma. Projects cover areas such as management of natural resources, education, leadership, communication and field work. Projects may be short or long term tasks; performed by an individual volunteer or by a team of volunteers; created by an individual with organization approval, or generated by the organization.

Service projects have included monitoring restored wetlands, bird and butterfly surveys, nest box monitoring and creating and leading educational programs. Volunteers are encouraged to participate in areas of personal interest, capitalize on individual talents, and take on new challenges! Volunteer service can also be related to the development and management of the chapter.

See our Volunteer Opportunities blog page for current volunteer service projects!